The Mets have given us a great first half.  They’ve risen to every challenge they’ve faced this year and have shown us some serious chemistry, character, and toughness.

David Wright shook off his strikeout problem and emerged an MLB leader in RBI.

The team adjusted to power-killing Citi Field by becoming a lineup of solid contact hitters who are willing and able to drive run-scoring singles and doubles into the gaps to earn their wins.

They’ve overcome their problem winning series on the road, where it’s speculated they were trying to make up their power numbers in more hitter-friendly parks. They simply resorted to their Citi Field approach to hitting and beat teams on the road with endless doubles.

Their call-ups and rookies have all risen to the occasion and are a major part of the new chemistry and feel of this 2010 Mets team. It’s a new team—one that doesn’t remember the collapses of ’07, ’08, and ’09. It remembers the confidence it has in itself to get back into any ball game.

This weekend’s three-game series against the Braves with first place on the table is the last and most exciting challenge this new Mets team will face in the first half. The 2010 Mets have met every challenge they’ve faced so far, and there have been plenty.

I couldn’t be more excited about a series on July 9 than I am about this one. They’re going to put it all together this weekend and end the first half strong…very strong. Let’s go Mets.

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