It’s time to look at the potential two-start options for the upcoming fantasy week. If I have someone rated as a three, four or five-star option, they are someone I would definitely use. A two-star option is a borderline candidate, but I’d strongly lean against it unless I have no other options. The one-star options are an absolutely-not scenario.

With that said, let’s take a look at the players available this week:


Five-Star Options:

  • Ubaldo Jimenez – Colorado Rockies – @ SD, @ LAD
  • Tim Lincecum – San Francisco Giants – @ Fla, @ NYM

Four-Star Options:

  • Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Dodgers – vs. Mil, vs. Col
  • Jon Lester – Boston Red Sox – vs. LAA, vs. NYY
  • Roy Oswalt – Houston Astros – vs. Ari, vs. SD
  • CC Sabathia – New York Yankees – vs. Bal, @ Bos
  • James Shields – Tampa Bay Rays – @ Sea, @ Oak
  • Adam Wainwright – St. Louis Cardinals – @ Phi, @ Pit

Three-Star Options:

  • Scott Baker – Minnesota Twins – vs. Det, vs. Bal
  • Clay Buchholz – Boston Red Sox – vs. LAA, vs. NYY
  • Ryan Dempster – Chicago Cubs – @ Pit, @ Cin
  • Jaime Garcia – St. Louis Cardinals – @ Phi, @ Pit
  • Cole Hamels – Philadelphia Phillies – vs. Stl, vs. Atl
  • Rich Harden – Texas Rangers – @ Oak, vs. KC
  • Jake Peavy – Chicago White Sox – vs. KC, vs. Tor
  • Ricky Romero – Toronto Blue Jays – @ Cle, @ CWS
  • Max Scherzer – Detroit Tigers – @ Min, @ Cle

Two-Star Options:

  • Dallas Braden – Oakland Athletics – vs. Tex, vs. TB
  • Kevin Correia – San Diego Padres – vs. Col, @ Hou
  • Scott Feldman – Texas Rangers – @ Oak, vs. KC
  • Gavin Floyd – Chicago White Sox – vs. KC, vs. Tor
  • Livan Hernandez – Washington Nationals – vs. Atl, vs. Fla
  • Ian Kennedy – Arizona Diamondbacks – @ Hou, vs. Mil
  • Mike Leake – Cincinnati Reds – vs. NYM, vs. CHC
  • Brian Matusz – Baltimore Orioles – @ NYY, @ Min
  • Carl Pavano – Minnesota Twins – vs. Det, vs. Bal
  • Anibal Sanchez – Florida Marlins – vs. SF, @ Was
  • Ervin Santana – Los Angeles Angels – @ Bos, @ Sea
  • Joe Saunders – Los Angeles Angels – @ Bos, @ Sea
  • Mitch Talbot – Cleveland Indians – vs. Tor, vs. Det

One-Star Options:

  • Brett Cecil – Toronto Blue Jays – @ Cle, @ CWS
  • Jeremy Guthrie – Baltimore Orioles – @ NYY, @ Min
  • Luke Hochevar – Kansas City Royals – @ CWS, @ Tex
  • Kenshin Kawakami – Atlanta Braves – @ Was, @ Phi
  • Paul Maholm – Pittsburgh Pirates – vs. CHC, vs. Stl
  • Gil Meche – Kansas City Royals – @ CWS, @ Tex
  • Kevin Mulvey – Arizona Diamondbacks – @ Hou, vs. Mil
  • Chris Narveson – Milwaukee Brewers – @ LAD, @ Ari
  • Felipe Paulino – Houston Astros – vs. Ari, vs. SD
  • Jason Vargas – Seattle Mariners – vs, TB, vs. LAA

Scheduling Notes:

  • The Mets could go with Oliver Perez or John Maine for two starts this week. Either way, I wouldn’t take the gamble.
  • The Phillies could have Joe Blanton coming off the DL. Otherwise, it’ll be Nelson Figueroa for two starts. Either way, don’t bother.


  • Sabathia has been tremendous this season, but that matchup with the Red Sox keeps him from being a five-star option. Remember, he got hit hard in his first start of the season, giving up five earned runs over 5.1 innings against the Sox. That’s not to say he’s not usable, because he is a must-use, but he’s just not among the elite this week.
  • What I said about Sabathia can be repeated for Wainwright, the only difference is his red flag start is against the Phillies in Philadelphia (who he has yet to face in 2010).
  • If Harden can’t put together a huge week in week five, he’s going to become a depth option, at best, in shallower formats. He draws the Royals and A’s, both mid-level offensive teams.
  • I like Talbot, but he’s certainly benefited from a lot of luck (.211 BABIP, 81.6 percent strand rate). Both the Blue Jays and Tigers are among the top 12 offensive teams in the league, so his luck could be about to run out. He’s worth considering, but far from a must-use option.
  • Garcia is a risk, especially with a start in Philadelphia. With his ability to generate ground balls (69.9 percent GB percentage thus far in 2010), he’s a risk that can be taken.
  • I want to support using Correia as a two-star option, but I can’t. He hasn’t gone more than 5.2 innings yet this season, so while he’s won thus far, how long can we really expect it to last? He’s serviceable, but far from a must-play.
  • I know, how can Hernandez be a two-star option with the way he’s pitched in 2010? The answer? He’s Livan Hernandez. It’s only a matter of time before he comes crashing back to reality.
  • Sanchez is a borderline three-star option, and the two-star option I’d be most willing to roll the dice with this week. He has great match-ups and has suffered from bad luck thus far (.347 BABIP, 66.5 percent strand rate). If you need a starter and he’s available, he’s a risk worth taking.
  • Vargas has been solid this season, but does anyone truly trust him, especially with the Rays and Angels on the schedule?

What are your thoughts? Who have I ranked too high? Who do you think will outperform my rankings?

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