Let’s continue to look at our early 2011 rankings by turning our attention to second base.  It’s certainly not a deep position after the first seven names or so, but there certainly are some interesting names on the list:

  1. Chase Utley—Philadelphia Phillies
  2. Robinson Cano—New York Yankees
  3. Ian Kinsler—Texas Rangers
  4. Brandon Phillips—Cincinnati Reds
  5. Dustin Pedroia—Boston Red Sox
  6. Ben Zobrist—Tampa Bay Rays
  7. Dan Uggla—Florida Marlins
  8. Martin Prado—Atlanta Braves
  9. Aaron Hill—Toronto Blue Jays
  10. Juan Uribe—San Francisco Giants
  11. Chone Figgins—Seattle Mariners      
  12. Howie Kendrick—Los Angeles Angels
  13. Kelly Johnson—Arizona Diamondbacks
  14. Brian Roberts—Baltimore Orioles
  15. Rickie Weeks—Milwaukee Brewers



  • I know Chase Utley has not been good this season.  There’s really no argument against that.  I mean, through Sunday he was hitting .256 with just 26 RBI.  Still, it’s Chase Utley.  It’s possible the hip injury has plagued him, so if these struggles continue throughout the season these rankings could change.  For now I have to believe he’s going to turn things around at some point and continue to be the best offensive 2B in the league.
  • Casey McGehee clearly would have a spot on this list, but he has not yet played a game at 2B.  At this point he’s likely to lose his eligibility for next year.  The same thing can be said for Ian Stewart.
  • There’s a chance that Placido Polanco could find his way onto this list at year’s end.  At this point he has played just three games at 2B, so for now I’m leaving him off. 
  • Martin Prado has benefited from the struggles of Nate McLouth and the hot streak of Troy Glaus.  Still, it appears he’s entrenched himself at the top of the Braves lineup, and with Jason Heyward hitting behind him, he should continue to score runs by the bushel.
  • April was quite the renaissance for Kelly Johnson, wasn’t it?  Yes, he’s slumped since, but he’s done enough to justify consideration as a low-end starting option and is usable in all formats that require a middle infielder.
  • Does anyone have any faith in Brian Roberts right now?  Once he returns and proves he can perform, he’s likely going to move back up into the Top 12.  For now, however, I have to leave him on the outside looking in.  He has to be considered a major injury risk, which has to weigh into his ranking as well.
  • Assuming Juan Uribe plays four more games at 2B (he’s played 16 thus far), he has proven that he has the bat to be a starting 2B in all formats.  Yes, there’s a chance he will lose some playing time once Edgar Renteria returns from the DL, but with the lack of punch the Giants’ offense has, how could they put him on the bench?  His problem has always been not getting regular at bats.  With those, he’s a very good option.

What are your thoughts on these rankings?  Who is being overvalued?  Who is being undervalued?

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