It’s hard to call Scott Sizemore anything but a disappointment in 2010.  Thought to be a sleeper second baseman entering the season, he lasted until mid-May before being sent back to Triple-A.

He was solid while there, hitting .298 with nine HR, 37 RBI, 49 R, and two SB.  With injuries piling up in Detroit, the Tigers ultimately brought him back to the majors, though they were still hesitant to depend on him.

However, in September he’s finally showing signs of his potential.  In limited playing time he’s gone 4-for-7 with two HR, five RBI, and three runs scored.  Obviously it’s a tiny sample size, but at least it’s something for us to hang our hats on.

At this point, however, we can forget about worrying about his potential value for 2011.  That’ll be a discussion for another day.  The real question is, can owners in need of a middle infielder catch lightning in a bottle over the final two weeks?

Honestly, why not?  Of course, that requires the Detroit Tigers reestablishing their faith in him.  Despite homering in back-to-back games, including a pinch hit home run, they opted to have Will Rhymes play second base yesterday over Sizemore.  Considering his .250 average with zero HR, eight RBI, and nine runs scored in 60 AB, you have to wonder why.

There’s no questioning that Sizemore is the better option long-term, and with the Tigers out of the AL Central race, why not give him an opportunity to build on his success?  Why not find out exactly what Sizemore could be, and if he deserves a chance at everyday playing time in 2011.

He does have some power, having hit 17 HR in 2009.  Of course, he hadn’t hit more then four in a season prior to that, but he’s showing it again this season.  Between the majors and minors, he’s hit 12 HR in 423 AB.  He’s also hot right now, and it’s possible that he can continue to pad those totals the rest of the year.

He also has speed, despite having just two stolen bases this season total.  That has been his constant throughout his career, with 51 SB from 2007-2009.  He has the ability to steal a few bases, if given the opportunity.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee he even plays, but he’s showing signs of the potential that caused many to dub him a preseason sleeper.  If you are in need of a middle infielder, then he’s worth rolling the dice on if the Tigers look they are going to commit to him.

That’s the wild card and stops me from saying that he’s a certainty to be worth adding right now.  If he starts, however, there’s no reason to think that you can’t get a little lucky.  Still, at this point in the season, that type of risk is probably not what you are looking for.  You’d be much better served to pick up someone like Daniel Espinosa, who is locked into a starting job, unless something changes.

What are your thoughts on Sizemore?  Could he be worth adding for the final two weeks?  Why or why not?

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