Selected in the first round of the 2007 draft by the Minnesota Twins, outfielder Ben Revere got his first taste of the Major Leagues in 2010 and could be in line to make an impact in 2011. 

The 22-year-old has shown tremendous speed since making his professional debut, and that could certainly make him an important cog in the Twins lineup.

Before we get into what he can bring to the table in 2011, let’s look at the numbers he posted at Double-A in 2010:

  • 361 At Bats
  • .305 Batting Average (110 Hits)
  • One Home Run
  • 23 RBI
  • 44 Runs
  • 36 Stolen Bases
  • .361 On Base Percentage
  • .363 Slugging Percentage
  • .342 Batting Average on Balls in Play

He brings a good ability to make contact with him, with a strikeout rate of 11.4 percent.  Of course, you would like to see him draw a few more walks, having drawn just 32 in ‘10, a 8.1 percent rate.

Those numbers are very similar to his career minor league rates (1,358 AB):

  • Strikeouts—9.3 percent
  • Walks—7.6 percent

With the strikeout rate and the BABIP, you have to feel like the average is believable.  Yes, it was at Double-A, so the strikeouts may rise some (as we have seen as he has progressed) and the BABIP may regress a little (though with his speed it likely is maintainable).  Still, it would appear that he should be able to hit for a usable average.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positives come to a screeching halt.  His slugging percentage was abysmal, and has been for two years running now (.369 in 466 AB at High-A in 2009).  He appears to be a singles hitter who doesn’t walk much, which certainly impedes his promise…

As a singles hitter he is not going to drive in many runs (as we saw in 2010).

Without an ability to get on base at a higher rate, he’s not going to bring a big-time total of runs scored (again, like we saw in 2010).

And, simply put, he has no power.

Michael Bourn is not a perfect comparison, given his significantly higher strikeout rate (he posted a 20.4 percent mark in 2010), but the rest of the numbers are fairly consistent (all numbers given are his 2010 statistics):

  • 9.8 percent Walk Rate
  • .341 OBP
  • .346 SLG
  • Two Home Runs
  • 52 Stolen Bases
  • 84 Runs Scored
  • 38 RBI

It’s a pretty straightforward comparison, and while Revere has the potential to hit for a higher average due to the strikeouts (Bourn hit .265), it seems like Revere could be an extremely similar player.

While the Twins recently did pick up Jason Kubel’s option, it’s possible that he moves to the DH spot if Jim Thome is not retained.  That would open up the right field spot for Revere, who got a cup of coffee in 2010 and should be given the opportunity to win the job.

Of course, the numbers he’s produced make him more of a potential late-round flier for those in need of speed, especially if he’s not expected to hit near the top of the order.

What are your thoughts on Revere?  Is the comparison to Bourn a fair one?  How good do you think he could be?

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