The poor production by the players listed below gave their fantasy owners headaches. Their names are recognizable. Their pictures likely grace one of your top baseball cards. The bench might be the right place for them to think about what they did this week to so many hopeful fantasy baseball teams.


1) OF Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs

The Cubs outfielder was only 2-for-20 with a .100 AVG last week.

It’s been a terrible June for Soriano as he was only able to dredge up a lousy .162 AVG in 37 tries in the batters box.

Soriano is hitting .275 with 10 home runs and 32 RBI for the season.

Still, his ownership hasn’t been affected by this horrible slump.


2) OF Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers outfielder was only 2-for-20 with a .100 avg last week.

Kemp rode the pine on Sunday after being hit-less in 15 at-bats.

He is only hitting .226 in 53 plate appearances in June.

He is currently hitting .265 with 11 home runs and 33 RBI for the season.

Kemp’s ownership hasn’t seen any downfall as a result of the slump.


3) OF Vernon Wells, Toronto Blue Jays

The Rangers outfielder was only 2-for-18 with a .111 AVG last week. On the bright side, both of his hits were for extra bases. He was also able to get three free passes to first.

Wells is hitting .250 with two home runs in June.

Wells has a .292 AVG with 15 home runs for the season. He was only projected to hit around .260 with 15 home runs so he is actually performing better than most expected.

It looks like fantasy owners are hoping that Wells will get his early season fire back. There was no affects in ownership as a result of his bad week.


4) 3B Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves

The fan favorite had a horrible week. He went 2-for-17 with a .118 AVG last week.

His injured finger may get Jones placed on the 15-day DL. It might be a blessing in disguise as it may give Jones the rest he needs to break the slump.

He has only thee RBI and a .179 AVG in June.

Jones is hitting .228 with only three home runs this season.

He was projected to bat .297 with 20 home runs for the season, but that now looks like a pipe dream.

His ownership has seen a drastic drop due to his overall season numbers and this recent slump. Look for it to drop even more when he is out of action.


5) OF Hunter Pence, Houston Astros

The Houston outfielder went 3-for-25 with a .120 AVG last week.

He has two home runs in June but his average of .196 makes you forget about the long balls.

Pence is hitting .260 with 10 home runs this season. He projected to hit around 25-30 home runs this season so he is definitely worth keeping around.

Despite his numbers, Pence’s ownership is still stable with no drop.


6) C Ryan Doumit, Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates catcher went 2-for-16 with a .125 AVG last week.

He has one home run and is only .219 for the month of June.

Doumit is hitting .268 with six home runs this season. His projection of hitting .286 with 16 home runs doesn’t seem out of reach. But he will need to turn it around.

It looks like fantasy owners are losing faith in Doumit. He has seen a dramatic drop in his ownership.


7) 2B/3B Casey McGehee, Milwaukee Brewers

Casey McGehee went 3-for-24 with a .125 AVG last week.

He is in a real slump this month with a .154 AVG. McGehee will have to find a way to break out of his slump before he totally destroys his seasonal average.

McGehee is hitting .274 with 10 home runs for the season.

There has been no decline in ownership due to his recent slump.


8) OF Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers outfielder joined his teammate, McGehee on the slump ride. He went 2-for-23 with a .130 AVG last week.

He has a .207 AVG for the month.

Braun is hitting .297 with nine home runs this season.


9) 1B Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals

Arguably the best player in baseball is in a slump. The Cardinals first baseman went 3-for -22 with a .136 AVG last week.

He is has a nice .304 AVG with five home runs since the start of June. It looks like it was just a bad week for the fantasy baseball juggernaut.

Pujols is hitting .300 with 14 home runs this season.


10) OF Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals outfielder had a bad week like his teammate, Albert Pujols. He went 3-for-22 with a .136 AVG.

Holliday is set to hit second in the line-up in front of Pujols. This might get him better pitches to break out of his slump.

He has a .271 AVG with one home run for June.

He is hitting .289 with only six home runs this season.

Holliday hasn’t seen any drop in his ownership with his recent slump.

Dishonorable Mention:

1B Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

The Tigers first baseman went 3-for-22 with a .136 AVG last week.

He couldn’t make the list when two of his three hits last week were home runs. But hitting .136 with 22 tries is not good and should be mentioned.

Cabrera is the American League leader with 19 home runs and 56 RBI.

Cabrera is hitting .330 with 19 home runs this season.

Don’t dig too deep in last week’s lack of production. Cabrera will be back in the saddle make a run for batting titles.







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