Last week was filled with laser shows from coast to coast. There were 14 players who hit three or more home runs last week. There were a lot of hot streaks going on. But these few players stood out as the studs of Week 12.



1) 2B Dustin Pedroia Bos


Boston’s scrappy second baseman went 6-for-13 with three home runs, five RBI, four walks, and finished last week with a .462 AVG.


Pedroia had the game of his career when he was 5-for-5 with three bombs, pushed five us teammates across the dish, and scored four runs on Thursday night against the Rockies.


Pedroia was placed on the disabled list with a displaced fracture in his foot as a result of a foul ball the following night. He will likely miss six weeks.


The DL placement is a huge disappointment to fantasy owners as Pedroia was playing fantasticly in recent weeks.


Fantasy owners will ride out the DL and pick up a temporary replacement at second base.


Pedroia is hitting .292 with 41 RBI for the season.



2) OF Justin Upton Ari


The Arizona outfielder was 12-for-21 with three home runs, five RBI, four walks, one stolen base, and finished last week with a .571 AVG.

Upton has had issues with strike outs but his 13 home runs and 11 stolen bases almost make you forget about it.


His spot in the seventh hole has helped him streak and raise his overall average.


Fantasy owners who have stuck it out with Upton could use this hot streak and sell high.


Upton is hitting .271 with 39 RBI for the season.



3) 3B David Wright NYM

The popular New York Mets third baseman was 11-for-22 with two home runs, eight RBI, four walks, one stolen base, and finished last week with a .500 AVG.


He is having another fantastic season making fantasy owners everywhere smile.

Wright is hitting .303 with 61 RBI for the season.



4) OF Jay Bruce Cin


The Cincinnati outfielder was 10-for-20 with three home runs, four RBI, two walks, and finished last week with a .500 AVG.

Bruce has seen a slight increase in ownership and could be a nice free agent pick up if he is available in your league.


Bruce has a .282 AVG with 34 RBI for the season.



5) 2B Rickie Weeks Mil


The Brewers second baseman was 10-for-23 with three home runs, seven RBI, three walks, and finished last week with a .435 AVG.


Weeks tend to streak and follow it up with a slump. Take advantage of the latest explosion of production and sell-high with this hot streak on full steam.


His fantasy ownership increase slightly this past week.


Weeks is hitting .274, 45 RBI, and 13 HR for the season.



6) OF Vernon Wells Tor


The Toronto outfielder was 9-for-21 with three home runs, five RBI, two walks, 1 stolen base and finished last week with a .429 AVG.


Wells is on fire after having a terrible slump in the first part of June.


Wells hit two into the stands and garnered three RBI in Thursday’s game against the Cardinals.


This is a great opportunity to sell high and fill some holes on your fantasy team if you already have some power in your bats.


Wells is sporting a .288 AVG, 47 RBI, and 19 home runs for the season.



7) 3B Michael Young Tex


The Texas third baseman was 10-for-25 with three home runs, seven RBI, two walks, and finished last week with a .400 AVG.


Young doesn’t seem to grab the attention of the fantasy world as much as he should. He is one of the most reliable corner infielders in the game today.


Young is having an outstanding season with 11 HR, 51 RBI and a .316 AVG.





8) OF Carlos Quentin CWS


The White Sox outfielder was 7-for-18 with four home runs, 11 RBI, two walks, and finished last week with a .389 AVG.


Quentin has had five bombs in the last handful of at-bats. If he keeps up this pace he could have nearly 30 home runs for the season.


Take this surge of production by him to make a deal. Distract doubters who are fixated on his average by pointing out his power numbers.


Fantasy owners dropped Quentin like a bad habit a few weeks back. His recent hot streak however has brought a lot of them back as his ownership increased by up to 30% in several leagues.


His season average is terrible as it sits at .233.



9) 3B Alex Rodriguez NYY


The movie star aura that surrounds the controversial star often over shadows his superior baseball play. From the incident with Dallas Braden to his fight with Jason Varitek, A-Rod is always news.


The Yankees third baseman went 8-for-21, three home runs, 10 RBI, five walks, and finished up last week with a .381 AVG.


Rodriguez is hitting .303 with 54 RBI and 11 home runs for the season.





10) OF Josh Hamilton Tex


The Texas outfielder went 10-for-22 with two home runs, five RBI, one walk, one stolen base and finished the week with a .455 AVG.


Hamilton is having a stellar season with .346 AVG and 18 home runs for the season.



Honorable Mention*


3B Miguel Tejada Bal 13/27, 5 R, 1 HR, 1 XBH, 7 RBI, .481 AVG


SS Elvis Andrus Tex 11/24, 5 R, 0 HR, 4 RBI, 4 BB, 2 SB, .458 AVG


OF Alfonso Soriano ChC 8/18, 3 R, 1 HR, 4 XBH, 1 RBI, 3 BB, .444 AVG

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