Just because you’ve slipped behind in the Stolen Base category doesn’t mean you can’t catch up.  Here are some reasonably available SB threats.

Tony Gwynn Jr., OF, San Diego Padres

Gwynn doesn’t hit like his dad (.229 over the last 15 days and .211 overall), but he can help you in the SB department. He has six SBs in the 15 day stretch and eight overall. That’s truly the only category he can help you in. Gwynn is owned in 0.6 percent of ESPN and 4.0 percent of CBS leagues.

Andres Torres, OF, San Francisco Giants

Torres has four SBs in the last 15 days. He isn’t very helpful elsewhere (.250, 5 runs, 3 RBI), but isn’t as detrimental with his average. His numbers on the year are .254-7-0-4-4. Torres is owned in 0.2 percent of ESPN and 1.0 percent of CBS leagues.

Will Venable, OF, San Diego Padres

Venable was playing decent early, but everything aside from SBs seems to have failed him. He’s hitting .167 with 4 runs, 0 HR, and 1 RBI in the last 15 days. His saving grace is the four SBs he collected. His numbers on the year are .220-18-4-12-8. Venable is owned in 17.3 percent of ESPN and 29 percent of CBS leagues.

Drew Stubbs, OF, Cincinnati Reds

Stubbs still can’t hit a lick, .216 in the last 15 days, but he has contributed elsewhere with 6 runs, 1 HR, 7 RBI and 4 SBs. His season totals are .185-18-2-12-6. Stubbs is owned in 4.9 percent of ESPN and 33 percent of CBS leagues.

Angel Pagan, OF, New York Mets (pictured)

At bats could be hard to come by when Carlos Beltran returns, but until then he’s a good cheap source for SBs. In the last 15 days he is hitting .321 with 11 runs, 1 HR, 8 RBI, and 3 SBs. His numbers on the year are .274-17-2-14-4. Pagan is owned in 2.2 percent of ESPN and 12 percent of CBS leagues.


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