We had a full slate of Interleague games, with plenty of interesting performances.  How about the Twins’ 15 runs outburst—Joe Mauer had to have a big night, right?  How about Chad Billingsley & Cole Hamels impressing? Throw in injuries to Jimmy Rollins and Javier Vazquez and let’s take a look at all the stories from yesterday’s games:


  • Shin-Soo Choo (3-4, two HR, three RBI, two runs) – He hadn’t had a multi-RBI game since May 4. He hadn’t had a multi-run game since May 8.  He hadn’t hit a HR since April 18.  Needless to say, fantasy owners have been waiting for a night like this.  He’s the type of player that you just ride with, so hopefully you hadn’t grown frustrated.
  • Jimmy Rollins (1-3) – He was back in his familiar leadoff spot, but was forced out of the game with a strained calf according to Scott Lauber of The Boston Herald, the injury that had sidelined him earlier this season. You have to think that he’ll be out of action for at least a few days.
  • Alexei Ramirez (2-4, one HR, five RBI, one run) –  Finally…  Ramirez is quickly gaining the reputation of being a slow starter.  Over the past few years he’s posted averages of .138, .214 and .221 in April.  Of course, he always turns it around and possesses 20/20 potential.  There easily could be more days like this ahead, so hopefully you didn’t give up hope.
  • Jose Guillen (2-2, two HR, three RBI, two runs) – In his last two games he’s gone 4-6 with three HR, six RBI and four runs. Think he’s hot? No one expected him to be hitting .268 with 11 HR and 31 RBI, but maybe he has played well enough to generate some trade value, despite his price tag.  Keep a close eye on the rumor mill, because it’s very possible he finds himself in a different uniform before August.  Either way, he’s clearly played his way into being usable in all five-outfielder formats.
  • Joe Mauer (0-3, two runs) – The truth is, the Twins just had an impressive performance across the board.  They scored 15 runs without the benefit of a home run.  Seven players had an RBI. Eight players scored a run (five scored multiple runs).  Yet, throughout it all, Joe Mauer of all people managed to be the only player not to get a hit. How does that happen?
  • Edwin Encarnacion (3-4, three HR, three RBI, three runs) – What’s going to happen once Travis Snider is back from the DL? Fred Lewis (2-5, one HR, one RBI, one run) has become entrenched atop the lineup. Jose Bautsita (1-4, one HR, one RBI, one run) has been tearing the cover off the ball.  Now there’s Encarnacion putting up a performance like this. Since coming off the DL he’s gone 4-12 with four HR, seven RBI and four runs.  It’s going to be interesting to see how playing time falls, so keep a very close eye on this situation.
  • Mike Sweeney (4-5, two HR, six RBI, two runs) – What a bizarre game. The Padres have great pitching. The Mariners have terrible hitting. So, of course, the Padres win 15-8. What a wild game baseball is. Sweeney has the potential to have days like this, but overall, it’s hard to depend on him. Consider the fact that he entered the day with just seven RBI.


  • Tim Hudson (8.0 IP, 0 ER, three H, four BB, three K, W) – In his starts this season, he has allowed as many as 3 ER just once. That’s amazing consistency, when you think about it. In every start, he’s allowed three ER or less, going less than six innings just once. He entered the game with a .224 BABIP and 84.8 percent strand rate, so needless to say he’s had a bit of luck on his side. Sooner or later he’s going to have a blow-up, but you have to ride him while he’s hot.
  • Cole Hamels (7.0 IP, one ER, three H, one BB, eight K, W) – It’s his third straight win, giving up six ER over his last 18.2 innings. Considering last night came against the Red Sox, it is all the more impressive.
  • Scott Olsen (3.0 IP, four ER, six H, three BB, one K) – Starts like this are why I have just never gained faith in him. Yes, it’s one start, but his track record speaks volumes.  His next start is in San Francisco, so the matchup is favorable, but I’d still have my reservations.
  • Javier Vazquez (6.0 IP, 0 ER, one H, two BB, six K, W) – He finally shows signs and bruises his finger attempting to bunt. Figures, right?  He’s been solid in his last two starts, but the Yankees are clearly handling him with kid gloves still. His next start would be scheduled in Minnesota and if he is able to make it, it will go along way in telling us if he’s turned a corner or not. As I’ve said before, we all know he’s better than he showed early on, so don’t hesitate to try acquiring him cheap if possible.
  • Brett Myers (7.0 IP, 0 ER, six H, four BB, seven K, W) – Yes, he gave up too many baserunners, but it was enough to beat Matt Garza (8.0 IP, two ER, six H, three BB, six K) and the Rays. Myers isn’t a top option, by any means, but in deeper formats he has value.
  • Brad Penny (3.0 IP, four ER, five H, 0 BB, one K) –  It’s back-to-back awful starts, allowing 11 ER over 8.0 IP. Now comes word that he has suffered a back injury, which would possibly explain the falloff. Then again, we also knew he was going to take a hit, so it’s not a huge surprise either. Keep a close eye on him for now, but be prepared with a replacement if he is to end up on the DL.
  • Joel Pineiro (3.0 IP, nine ER, nine H, three BB, one K) – The biggest blow was a grand slam to the pitcher, Brad Penny. He’s now 3-5 with a 5.00 ERA and 1.46 WHIP.  The move away from St. Louis certainly isn’t looking like a good decision, huh? At this point, he shouldn’t be active unless your desperate, especially with the home run hitting Blue Jays next on the schedule.
  • Barry Zito (6.2 IP, six ER, nine H, one BB, three K) – It was bound to happen sooner or later. Don’t write him off because of one start, especially with the Nationals next on the schedule.
  • Chad Billingsley (7.0 IP, one ER, four H, two BB, five K, W) – He clearly has turned things around, hasn’t he? He’s allowed two ER or less in five of his last six starts.  He’s won his last three starts, allowing just three ER over 19.2 innings, allowing 11 hits and seven walks while striking out 18.  At this point, you’ve likely lost your opportunity to buy low on him.

What are your thoughts from yesterday’s games? Which ones caught your eye? And which ones did I miss?


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