One of the keys to winning your fantasy baseball league is maximizing your players’ potentials by playing them only in their most ideal circumstances. What do I mean by that?

Many Major League Baseball hitters have strengths and weaknesses, most notably hitting versus right or left-handed pitchers. For a pitcher, an example might be that your pitcher only pitches well at home or on the road. So how can you use this on draft day to your advantage? 

When most people create their rankings, they look at a players overall statistics rather than their splits. So somebody might conclude that a .290 hitter is most valuable than a .285 hitter. However, if the .285 hitter hits .310 against righties, that player can be more valuable if you play him only against righties. 

These rules do not apply to all players. For example, Albert Pujols should be in your lineup every day regardless of his splits. 

In this article, I will provide you with some players who may be overlooked due to their mediocre overall statistics. If you can take advantage of their value on draft day and play them to your advantage throughout the season, you will have a much greater chance of winning. 

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