It happens every year. We set our sights on a player who we think will carry us to a championship, and we overpay. Last year, I choose to ride the Ricky Nolasco express based on all the pre-season hype. I missed him in the draft but decided to pay for him via trade. I paid for the mistake by going on that bumpy ride all season long. 

Looking through some early mock drafts, I came up with a list of players that I feel are being drafted too high in these pre-season drafts. Now don’t get me wrong, I would like to have some of these players on my team as some of them are very good. The problem that I have is with the position in which they are being taken. 

Some of their average draft positions (ADP) make me shake my head with disgust knowing that people are planning to take these players at that given time. I will attempt to explain why I think these nine players are ranked too high in 2011 mock drafts. 

I will also try to provide a list of players from the same position that are being taken after that said player to prove that their are better options at a cheaper price: A true win/win scenario.

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