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The Mets are going to be in for a playoff fight for the rest of the year. There are a few things they need to realize.

First, they need to learn to cut their losses. Barajas needs to go. The clock has struck midnight, and he has simply can’t hit anymore.

I realize that he did well for them early in the season. But he has been their worst player since June 1st.

In June and July, he has had 97 plate appearances. In those plate appearances, he has 15 hits, 15 strikeouts, four walks, and two RBI’s. No home runs. That’s good for a .169 batting average.

I realize his defense and ability to call game is supposed to be very good, but you can’t stand for this. It’s time to let Thole play. Since he’s been up with the big club this season, he’s done nothing but hit. It’s his turn now. You don’t have a financial commitment to Barajas. Just get rid of him.

Second, don’t manage to the stats. I’m talking about three things: pitcher wins, pitches, and saves. Jerry seems unable to use common sense when it comes to managing the pitching staff.

These three stats are unimportant next to wins in the standings. You can’t send a pitcher out there after an hour break when you have a 10 run lead. You can’t take your ace out when he’s thrown less than 100 pitches.

You can’t take him out in a close game, in a situation where you absolutely need a win, no matter what his pitch count. And you can’t use whether or not it’s a save situation as a reason to use Frankie Rodriguez. If it’s a four run lead, you can use him. If it’s a two run lead and your ace is rolling, you don’t have to use him.

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