Every year, fans and writers bellyache over the MLB All-Star Game rosters. They complain that the teams are made up of fan favorites rather than rosters full of deserving league leaders. 

I am here to say, stop it!

Not only is this an issue each and every year, but it doesn’t matter. The All-Star game serves the purpose of entertaining the fans. Period.

After all, the fans are what this great sport is about. The rosters are determined by fan vote, manager selection, and some other variables such as the requirement to have at least one representative player from each team. 

The voting process is pretty straightforward. Anybody can vote online or at the ball park. Unlike a typical voting system, everybody can vote as many times as they wish. 

So why is the system set up this way? Well it’s pretty simple: The game is about the fans and the fans submit the votes. 

People seem to forget that the players represented in the All-Star game were all selected by the general public. This game is not about getting the best players of the season together, it is about the fans watching their favorite stars. 

Seriously, the game is played at the season’s midway point. Half the guys who are performing well now will fade off by September. 

The MLB All-Star game was created to entertain the fans and provide a brief break where players can re-group. 

Most importantly, the game is about creating revenue. As long as the game is getting attention and making money, the process of selecting the players will NEVER change.

And it shouldn’t.

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