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With the recent news of Fred Wilpon saying Omar Minaya’s job is not in jeopardy, it makes me wonder, should it be in jeopardy in the first place?

After looking through all the transactions Minaya did for the Mets it’s not a simple yes or no.  

Minaya came in after the 2004 season after a couple of dreadful seasons that most Mets fans have erased from their memories under manager Art Howe.

It was at a time where not many players wanted to be associated with the Mets.

The Mets were once again the laughing stock of the league, and although they were situated in New York, no one wanted to sign.

In came Minaya—he made a splash.

On Dec. 16th 2004, Minaya signed All-Star, Pedro Martinez.

Although this signing might not have made such a big splash on the field, it changed the players outlook of the Mets, now players not only didn’t mind signing with the Mets, but wanted to sign with the Mets.  

About a month later, after fighting with the Evil Empire for his second prize, Minaya won, and signed Carlos Beltran—who just came off a fantastic showing in the playoffs.

Once again, the Mets were relevant, and people wanted to come to the Mets.

Minaya also attempted to sign Carlos Delgado, but wasn’t quite successful. Delgado said he didn’t want to play for a team the didn’t compete.

The Mets finished the 2005 season 83-79, and were back on their winning ways. After the 2005 season, Minaya got his man trading two minor leaguers and Mike Jacobs for Carlos Delgado. 

 Let’s fast forward to the 2006 trade deadline.

Duaner Saunchez who had a .223 BAA in 49 games, got in an accident in a cab and Florida and was out for the season.

Minaya traded Xavier Nady to the Pirates for setup man Roberto Hernandez, the same reliever Minaya let go in the off-season, and left handed starter Oliver Perez.

At the time the trade looked great, the Mets got their setup man, a starter, and had Endy Chavez to replace Xavier Nady in the outfield.

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