In this golden age of parity, most Major League Baseball teams look like contenders going into 2016. As for the rest, well, they’re trying. They’re really trying.

The question that their fans want answered is this one: When is it all going to be worth it?

We’re going to take a whack at answering that by projecting when eight MLB rebuilders will be ready for postseason contention. Our list includes six teams that are very much in the process of rebuilding, as well as two teams that have been rebuilding and are now trying to contend. For the latter two, we’ll determine whether they’re really where they want to be just yet.

Arriving at our answers will require a careful balancing act. We’ll consider what each team has to work with at the major league level, as well as the state of its finances and prospect depth.

We’ll begin with the rebuilder that seems furthest away from contending and end with the one that seems closest to contending. Step into the box when you’re ready.

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