Julio Borbon is second in all off baseball in committing errors thus far in Spring Training. The league leaders in errors typically are infielders who have many more opportunities than outfielders. Borbon has five errors this Spring, he has a total of seven errors in his career in the regular season.

The Rangers in recent years have been proponents of competition amongst players, however with Julio they have broke away from that tradition. Manager Ron Washington stated early in the off-season that Borbon is going to be the opening day center-fielder, which left no room for competition, or any urgency for Borbon to play his best all-around ball to WIN his roster spot.

Behind Borbon there really is no true center-fielder, according to the Rangers that is. The Rangers want Borbon to be “the guy” so bad they’re forcing it on him.

Texas is so enamored with Borbon’s potential that it seems they do not want to look into any recourse for center-field. However I find it necessary to look at Borbon’s alternatives, so here’s three options the Rangers could execute in search of the best fit for the team in center-field.


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