The Mets have an uncanny ability to not rise to the occasion.

Good teams find ways to win and bad teams, like the Mets, find ways to lose. Although, Mets fans can’t pretend they didn’t know this was coming. 

In probably the most important game so far this year (in terms of attempting to make the rest of August relevant) the Mets never showed up. They did not field (four errors including three infield errors in one inning), they did not hit (per usual), and of course they did not pitch (Mike Pelfrey was on the mound).

Pelf has been awful since his stellar start.

I mean he has been beyond awful. At no point in his last few starts has he given the Mets anything to work with. It seems like every time he steps onto the rubber the Mets have already spotted the other team at least three runs. The Amazins will have to score runs to stay in the game, something they can’t really do.

Jerry Manuel deserves his share of blame. Let’s jump to the fifth inning…two outs, men on the corners with Brian McCann at the plate, who at that point was lifetime 14-33 against Pelfrey, and Manuel decides to leave his struggling starter on the mound. McCann of course doubled and effectively ended the Mets’ season.

This team was flat out not ready to play. Even golden boy David Wright flopped. He has this new thing about sidearm throwing to second which cost the Mets an all important double play. Jose Reyes look unfocused committing two errors himself.

In fact, the only Mets player who looked ready to play was Luis Castillo and that is not a good thing.

Now, as a Mets fan, you learn to never give up because, well life as a Mets fan is spent with the odds stacked against you. We have Phillies next, then Colorado, and the Phillies again after that. That is no easy schedule, but of course there is always hope.

We have to win each series and hope the Braves lose. There is no more room for games like last night. If the Mets want to play games that matter in August and September (forget October), then they have to win now. 

With another disappointing winter staring the Mets in the face, they have to turn it around today.

Will they? Of course not, it’s the Mets.

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