The Angels depth at the shortstop position has being severely tested ever since Casey McGehee took out Erick Aybar at second base, trying to break up a double play.

Aybar has missed the last six games since McGehee tried to “sweep the leg,” and his return doesn’t appear imminent. The good news is that Erick Aybar’s knee injury is not serious enough to require surgery. The bad news is, he received a cortisone shot on June 22 and has been shut down.

Mike Scioscia addresses the situation yesterday saying “We’re encouraged that long range, it won’t be an issue, but short range, we might shut him down and give him an extra week to get ready.”

Translation, Aybar will be headed to the disabled list. 

Aybar spoke with LA Angels Insider Jason Brennan and said he was feeling better, but he also understands it’s not in his or the team’s best interest for him to return if he is not 100 percent.

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