The last time Edgardo Alfonzo was with the Mets organization was in 2006. That year he struggled in the minor leagues.

When it was clear he wasn’t going to have a chance to make it to Flushing, he departed for a brief stint with the Angels and then with the Blue Jays.

He lasted no more than 18 games with either team, and his combined OPS+ was minus-seven.

That was 2006. Now Alfonzo is telling El Diario/La Prensa that he is looking to return to the Major Leagues, specifically with the Mets.

The article is in Spanish, which I can only half read. He does clearly say that he wants to return to the majors and would especially like to return to the Mets, but it is impossible to tell if he’s being serious here.

Since he was last in the majors, he has played two seasons with the Long Island Ducks of the Independent League. His first season there he OPS’d .714, and his second year that number climbed to .884. He then left to play in Mexico, where he put up a .733 OPS. Last season he played for the Yomiuri Giants in Japan and struggled in just 41 at-bats.

None of that should lead anyone to believe that Alfonzo could compete in the majors offensively. On the defensive side of things, it is hard to imagine Alfonzo, at age 36, being able to outperform much younger and more athletic players.

I’m going to follow Alfonzo on his comeback trail, but only because he was one of my favorite players for a given time, not because I think he has any serious chance at a return to the majors.

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