So far, this season hasn’t exactly been smooth for the New York Mets third basemen David Wright.

As of today, Wright is second in the National League in strikeouts with 58. Wright is on pace to strikeout 222 times, just one shy of Mark Reynolds single-season record that he set in 2009.

In 2009, Wright struck out just 140 times. If you think we as fans are the only ones confused, imagine how he must be feeling.

Wright is hitting only .261, with eight home runs, and 32 RBIs. It is safe to say that he’s having an extremely slow start.

Playing in New York doesn’t make things any better for any struggling athlete. With the constant reminders from every newspaper and reporter in the New York media, Wright is forced to live with people throwing it in his face that he just isn’t hitting.

With the Mets starting their inter-league play against the New York Yankees, it was time that the Mets third basemen started to get his act together.

In the first game, Wright went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts, while also grounding out to end the game in a 2-1 loss.

Last night, Wright sought redemption with two RBI singles, both hit with two outs. Although he recorded another strikeout, you could tell he was making adjustments at the plate.

The issue with Wright’s performance right now isn’t that his offensive numbers are bad.

Hitting .260 with eight home runs, and 32 RBIs might be great for some players in the major leagues, but Wright has set the bar so high for himself, that he is forced to be constantly improving his numbers.

The one thing that has helped Wright get through his slump was his positive attitude. As many times as reporters would question him on why he hasn’t been producing, he always remained calm, and admitted although he isn’t hitting, his swing will come eventually.

The Mets are going to need Wright to drive in some runs, and be more productive at the plate, especially with all of the injuries they have had so far.

If Wright could continue to maintain a positive attitude and become more consistent, he will be able to turn his season around, and help the Mets fight for a playoff spot.

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