Does size make a difference? An age-old question, where did it start?
Was it in a cave, and one little cave boy told the other ” Mine is bigger than yours”?

It makes little difference where the question came from, it is asked of many different things.

It is no secret that athletes today are bigger than ever. They are heavier, more muscular, stronger, faster and even taller.

I was curious as to how much bigger they have become. Since I am a devout Cincinnati Reds fan, I decided to do some research. I compared the position players of the 1961 pennant winning Reds to the ones who play today.

The results are staggering. If you think today’s players are 10-15 pounds heaver, have I got a shock for you?

I have compiled the players by position with their physical comparison side-by-side. See if you are as shocked as I was.

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