As most Dodgers fans expected, Joe Torre is stepping down as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and hitting coach Don Mattingly will be replacing him.

I don’t know how well Mattingly will do as a manager because he has never managed at any level, but I don’t think it will really matter who the Dodgers’ manager is.

Until the chaos of the divorce case between Frank McCourt and his wife, former Dodgers executive Jamie McCourt is resolved, the Dodgers will not be able to improve their lineup.

In today’s world, you can build a good nucleus of a team with home grown talent, but if you expect to win a World Series, you have to be able to compete in the free agent market. The Dodgers will not be able to do that until they get new ownership.

For the most part, you can’t buy a World Series by simply acquiring the best free agents on the market. But you do have to be able to pull the trigger if someone valuable to your team becomes available.

The Dodgers need at least two reliable starting pitchers and a good closer.  They are also in need of some hitters who can get the big hit with men on base, in addition to someone who can hit the long ball on a regular basis.

There are also rumors that Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp and some of the other Dodgers want to play elsewhere. Can you blame them?

With the whole divorce situation between the McCourts, the Dodgers are fast becoming the Oakland Raiders of Major League Baseball.

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