Dodgertown is not in a Galaxy far, far away.  It is a place in the minds and hearts of Dodger fans everywhere.

Had I not seen it in a United States Marine Corps ad campaign, I would have thought the line was writen for us, “The Few, The Proud, the Residents of Dodgertown USA”.

We are everywhere. I was born and raised in the heart of San Francisco Giants country, the San Francisco Bay Area, while others were living their lives in Brooklyn, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and every large town and tiny hamlet in between.

All of us live and die daily, all summer long, following our beloved Boys in Blue.  A Wednesday night loss can ruin the best of Thursdays. An injury to a key player can destroy our collective mood for two weeks and more.

Dodgertown has no Mayor. It has no police because it has no laws. It does have a place of worship, however, and that place is Dodger Stadium. The citizens are rich and they are poor. They are young and they are old. Famous and infamous. We come from all walks of life yet we are bound together as one by on common bond. We bleed blue.

Dodger fans do not take their citizenship lightly. It is a part of our identity and the reason fans of other teams are envious. No matter where you are or what you do in the other parts of your lives you are welcome here in Dodgertown, USA and you are one of our many.

From Hilda Chester in Brooklyn’s Ebbetts Field to Danny Kaye at the Los Angeles Coliseum, we number in the millions. We all know Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight and Larry King from his CNN show of the same name, but there are bloggers and truckers in residence. There are electricians and secretaries. We have among us the retired and the school children.

The fans of the Blue are lifelong friends on the first day they meet.  Regardless of of our station in life and no matter our philosophies, we are bound together by the one thing that makes our summers whole. We are citizens, citizens of Dodgertown USA.

Next time your in Los Angeles be sure to come by the hallowed ground of Dodger Stadium to say a little prayer or visit a ball park near you when the Dodgers visit you.

Do you bleed Dodger Blue?  Who are you and where are you. Leave your name and how long you’ve been a citizen.

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