Rumors have spread about the White Sox looking to sell , now that it is apparent that the White Sox will not compete this year. The Yankees don’t have any glaring needs. They could use a DH-type to replace Nick Johnson , especially if it turns out Johnson will miss the season. They could also perhaps use some bullpen help or some outfield depth. Neither is pressing, however.

So who do the White Sox have that the Yankees could want? Well, just a glance at the 2010 White Sox team page on tells us that the White Sox have been pretty terrible.  But there are a few.

Paul Konerko

Konerko is off to an amazing start, hitting 17 HRs and posting an OPS+ of 157.  He’s carrying the White Sox (and my fantasy team) offensively, along with Alexis Rios . So should the Yankees pursue him?

Pros : Right-handed power bat. Off to a great start.  Fits perfectly into the DH / Occasional 1B role Nick Johnson had.

Cons : Not a particularly versatile player. Hot start means he has likely already played his best baseball of the season. Owed a lot of money. Would probably cost some prospects.

Andruw Jones

Jones has been pretty productive as a part-time player for the White Sox. He has hit for power, drawn walks, and stole some bases.

Pros : Right-handed power. Versatile player who has some speed and can play any outfield spot, though the Yankees would want to keep him in the corners. Cheap.

Cons : Like Konerko, he may have already played his best baseball in the limited ABs he’s received and the Yankees could be buying high.

Matt Thornton

Thornton is off to a great start and is probably the White Sox’s best reliever. Unlike Jones and Konerko though, Thornton’s start isn’t really that surprising, as he’s been pretty dominating the past couple seasons.

Pros : A 2nd lefty for the pen, so the Yankees don’t have to see Boone Logan again. Consistently been a dominant reliever in the AL.

Cons : Relief pitchers are still a pretty volatile commodity. Trading prospects for relievers is generally a bad idea.


I don’t think anything happens here.  The White Sox would likely want a serious prospect for Thornton and I doubt the Yankees would want to take on Konerko’s salary. If the Yankee offense or bullpen go into an extended slump though, perhaps they kick the tires on something. More likely though, they would find bullpen arms from the system and a cheaper power hitter – or just continue to use Jorge Posada at DH if he’s not ready to catch.

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