Corey Hart is having a huge season for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2010 and the Brewers have rewarded Hart with a contract extension.

The Brewers signed Hart yesterday to a three-year extension worth $26.5 million. The deal will cover Hart’s final year of arbitration and his first two years of free agency eligibility.

Hart has put up an impressive .288/.346/.565 hitting line with 23 HRs so far this season. The Brewers now have their left fielder and right fielder locked up for the foreseeable future.

I really don’t have an issue with this contract. If you believe Hart’s corrected vision and batting stance are the reasons for his turnaround, then he should be worth around $8 million a season for the next three years. Even if Hart finishes his next three seasons at what he has produced so far this season, then he will outperform the extension.

Here is what some people are forgetting about this deal and the Brewers. The Brewers have to overpay sometimes to get people to either come to or stay in Milwaukee.

Have you ever been to Milwaukee? I have. It’s the worst.

I will bet my life there is no athlete in America who wants to play in Milwaukee. So if you believe Hart is only worth about six million a year and the Brewers have to pay him eight in order to stay and have an above-average right fielder for the next three years, then so be it.

However, no matter how many outfielders the Brewers sign to extensions, it won’t matter until they get some pitching.

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