If you have been following the Yankees young 2010 offseason, or have even just been keeping up with NY sports in general, you know there are basically only two topics worth discussing. The first and most obvious is how badly the Yanks want to get free agent pitcher Cliff Lee. That’s a no-brainer though and with Lee the Yankees will have an unstoppable rotation.

The other topic has been Derek Jeter. When will the front office fire an offer? How much will they give him? How long will the contract be? And most importantly, for how many more seasons will DJ be the Yankees starting shortstop?

So after yesterday, camp Jeter now has another argument to work with now that he’s locked down another Gold Glove. In my mind 2011 will be no different than any other year. Your boy is going to bat either No. 1 or No. 2, he’s going to be the starting SS and he will most certainly be twirling out commercials that make you want to do all things Jeter related.

If Jeter endorses it, I want it.

He’s got the touch, the golden ticket, and the sexiest fiancée on Earth. Give the man a lifetime deal. I never want this guy to go anywhere.

Jeter winning the Gold Glove has been garnering a lot of controversy these days. If you’re rating it simply on errors, fielding percentage and intangibles then Jeter winning this is a layup. He made six errors, had a .989 fielding percentage and still turned the double play ball as good as anyone in baseball.

However, others will argue his diminished range disabled him from getting to a lot of balls that might have relieved him of a number of errors as a result. Not to mention Cano and Tex, both easily the best defenders at their position in 2010 hands down, may have contributed to Jeter’s almost flawless season at short.

But numbers are numbers. Screw the intangibles, and forget all the theories. Jeter has an ageless Gold Glove that will never leave him. I’m talking about his skills at snagging, and grabbing some of the hottest babes walking the planet. So if they award Jeter a Gold Glove from now until he retires, it’s obviously because he’s receiving praise for catching some real “fireballs” in his day.

With that said, it will be interesting to see what Cashman and the Yankees front office decide to do when it comes time to offer him a contract.

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