Derek Jeter is making sure he uses up all of his tricks before he hangs up his glove.

On Monday night, the New York Yankees shortstop was able to set up an easy double play in the eighth inning of a two-run game with a smooth fake.

With the Cleveland Indians’ Jason Kipnis running on the pitch, he had no idea where Asdrubal Cabrera hit the ball. Jeter realized that and pretended to catch the ball at second base to fake the runner out. Cabrera had hit a pop-up in foul territory, though, so with Kipnis fooled, Yankees third baseman Zelous Wheeler could easily throw to first for the double play.

Cleveland had already scored one run in the inning, so it was a big play to get out of the frame with the tying run at the plate and the heart of the Indians order due up. The Yankees went on to win, 5-3.


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