The Mets and the Yankees are rivals by geography, they have to be, Queens vs. the Bronx. And as the Subway series moves crosstown to Yankee Stadium, it’s time to take a look at the backbone of each of these two teams.

Derek Jeter and David Wright, the faces of the Yankees and Mets, are two outstanding men on the field and off.

Despite the uniforms that they put on each day, Jeter and Wright don’t share a heated rivalry, like Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza had going.

Sure, they want to beat each other, who doesn’t want to win? But these guys do it classy, they don’t show off or complain and whine, they play the game the way it should be played.

They don’t put their personal agendas ahead of the team, and that’s what makes them the great players that they are.

You always see these two play hard, always hustling to make a play or beat out a ground ball to first base.

Jeter was named captain of the Yankees in 2003, joining other Yankee legends such as Lou Gehrig, Thurman Munson, and Don Mattingly. Such a nomination serves as a testament to the way he plays the game and his dedication to the Yankees.

If the Mets had a captain, I’m sure that it would be David Wright, who deserves to be the captain.

Jeter and Wright also hold a yearly competition between them to see who will get the highest batting average, the winner gets $100,000 donated to their favorite charity from Delta Airlines. So their is a small rivalry here, but it’s for charity.

No other two players could replace Jeter and Wright as the faces of the Yankees and Mets on the field, and they could certainly never replace them off the field either.

Which makes Derek Jeter and David Wright New York’s finest.



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