Mariano Rivera received another parting gift during his retirement tour on Friday, but this one didn’t come from an MLB team, it came from Delta Airlines.

That’s right, the airline dedicated a 757 plane to Mo, placing his number and signature near the cockpit of the plane.

Rivera’s retirement tour has been special, but this gift from Delta is something else.

There were some great shots of Mo receiving his gift.

He also threw out a ceremonial “last pitch” to New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi (although he still has the second half of the season to play).

What’s more, Mo even got to go into the cockpit! How cool is that?

Rivera’s retirement tour isn’t over just yet, but I think we can safely say this latest gift from Delta will be the best he receives.

New York Mets fans won’t be too happy, though. Twitter took a few shots at Mets fans after Mo received his parting gift.

Delta may have given Mariano the best gift of his tour, but the best gift from an MLB team is still up for grabs.

The Minnesota Twins have the lead in that category, as manager Ron Gardenhire and company gave Mo what is now known as The Chair of Broken Dreams.

The Twins decided to give Mo a rocking chair made out of broken bats, symbolizing both how much he has dominated the Twins and the fact that he’ll need a rocking chair in his retirement.


Mo’s retirement tour has been a lengthy, fairytale ending for the best closer in MLB history.

Some of the top parting gifts from the tour have been throwing out the first pitch against the Mets, a plaque of him pitching against the Detroit Tigers, a customized surfboard from the Oakland Athletics and more.

Delta’s gift may have been the best so far, but the biggest, most emotional farewell is yet to come: Yankee Stadium.

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