Despite the millions of fans, huge contracts, and celebrity names, baseball is just a game. We have all heard the saying growing up, “It’s just a game.”

That thought often gets lost as players and fans get into games and the competition. Occasionally however, we are reminded how much these great sporting events are just games.

We got a reminder of this yesterday at Yankee Stadium in a game between the Yankees and Cleveland Indians. Never has Yankee Stadium been as quiet as it was yesterday during this moment. A moment that happened in the blink of an eye.

Indians pitcher David Huff threw a pitch to Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod hit a line drive right back up the middle and the worst nightmare of a pitcher and hitter happened next. The speed of the line drive did not allow Huff enough time to react and get out of the way.

The pitcher had just enough time to slightly turn his head just enough to save serious injury or worse. The ball hit Huff on the left side of his head and ricocheted into right field . Huff dropped to the pitchers’ mound face down and motionless.

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