As a teenager I lived in Yuma, Arizona, then the home of the San Diego Padres training camp.  I had a little brother who liked baseball: 1+1 = a couple of $5 tickets and afternoons watching the Padres play a new team.  My team.  The Seattle Mariners.

Being a Washington native (as was my brother), who else would we root for?

Dave Niehaus didn’t accompany the Mariners to training camp. There were no professional announcers at those preseason games, and I had no clue who Dave Niehaus was.  But he was there, in Seattle, from the very first game.

Since I’ve moved back to Washington, I’ve paid a lot more attention to the Mariners than I used to. I’ve come to realize that, just as Vin Scully is the voice of the Dodgers and Harry Caray is the voice of the Cubs, Dave Niehaus is the voice of the Mariners.  He always will be.

I’m sure Rick Rizzs will step up and will do a great job. He always does.  But he’s not Dave Niehaus and never will be.  I’m sure he agrees.

Here for your viewing pleasure:  Some moments from Mariners history, being immortalized by Dave Niehaus.

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