The Red Sox activated Daisuke Matsuzaka in last night’s series-finale against the Colorado Rockies. In order to make room for him on the roster, Boston placed third baseman Mike Lowell on the 15-day DL.

Lowell reported that he felt a twinge in his right hip during pregame drills on Tuesday night. He said he will consult with his hip surgeon, Brian Kelly, to determine his next course of action.

It is uncertain as to whether he will need another cortisone shot or a Synvisc injection, but he seemed to be leaning in the direction of a cortisone shot.

Lowell says the cortisone shots tend to help for a longer period than the Synvisc, but that he’s hesitant to have too many because of the cartilage deterioration they cause. The Synvisc injection provides substantial improvement for just a few days after which, the effects quickly wear off.

Lowell reportedly informed manager Terry Francona, via text message, of the hip discomfort after he experienced pain on Tuesday. Francona then used him as a pinch hitter at the end of the game, and Lowell ran down the baseline like a 90-year-old man who needed a walker.

Reports say Lowell is upset with the way he has been used by Francona – he has only had a handful of at-bats over the last few weeks – and that he notified his manager via text message rather than talk with him because their relationship isn’t very good right now. 

Yesterday, manager and player met and decided that a stint on the DL is the best way to go. Lowell told the media he is on board with the decision.

About his hip problems, Lowell said he is a candidate for hip resurfacing or for a hip replacement. He will wait until the off-season to decide how to proceed, as either procedure would likely put an end to his career.

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