On the one hand, the Cubs have Mr. Gorzelanny to blame for losing the game yesterday, as he allowed seven runs in five innings.

But at least it solves one dilemma; it solidifies the decision as to which starter will be replaced by Carlos Zambrano next week.

While the offense continues to struggle scoring runs (three runs in Tuesday’s win, three of their five runs yesterday were scored after the game was 7-2, and only two hits through seven innings today), Gorzy never really gave the Cubs a chance to win.

Still, he doesn’t necessarily deserve to be booted from the rotation, as he had been pretty good this season. Not to mention that the Cubs need another lefty in the bullpen like they need more no-trade clauses. 

Yet it does appear that if he can’t be traded, Gorzy will move to the ‘pen to make room for Zambrano when he returns to face the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Not that this is any surprise, as Gorzelanny has been the odds on favorite since the announcement that Big Z was returning to a starter’s role.

I mean, we know the Cubs aren’t going to move a guy who is 6-0 and making big money to the bullpen. Er, I mean a guy who is 6-0; we already know the salary wouldn’t prevent that from happening.

And while some have suggested moving Ryan Dempster, since he has previous bullpen experience, that doesn’t make any sense either, as he is pitching solid baseball.

Meanwhile, at least the ridiculous experiment is over, and what a failure it was. It not only gave the public yet another chance to ridicule the Cubs, it was absolutely pointless.

What did it prove that we didn’t already know?

I’m not suggesting that Zambrano will pitch any better than, or even as well as, Gorzelanny.

But if you can’t move his salary, you have to start a guy who makes $18 million per season. That is, unless you eat his contract, something the Cubs don’t have the appetite to do.

Jacking around the rotation is about all this crazy “college of coaches” type of move accomplished.

Until today’s outstanding performance, maybe the Cubs could have placed Ted Lilly on the DL, but that no longer seems like an option.

So, barring injury or trade, it does appear that Gorzelanny will be the sacrificial lamb for Zambrano.

Hey, we Cubs fans are supposed to be optimists, right? So, while his performance was brutal yesterday, at least it did accomplish one thing.

It created the fall guy.

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