The Washington Nationals have stepped up a notch in the MLB with their performance this year after their horrible 103-loss season in 2009.

The Nats did make quite a few moves for Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham before the 2009 season, and they are now the core guys, along with Zimmerman in the lineup. They also traded for the speedster Nyjer Morgan.

With Washington making plenty of wise moves this offseason, they are off to an average start, with a 31-33 record. They are just 6 games back in the National League East. 

Since the Nationals have shown that they may be ready for playoff contention, Cubs’ Kosuke Fukudome might be the next starting Right Fielder for the Nats.

The Chicago Cubs look as if they are a “selling team” this year, and the Nationals could use help in RF. 

They have been using Mike Morse and Roger Bernadina together, and it is going fine. But Fukudome could be the guy that can start in all 3 outfield positions, and he could also be a solid 4th outfielder. He is also locked up in his contract until the end of the 2011 season. 

The salary is another problem, because of his $13.5 million earnings per year. But if the Cubbies decide to take some of that portion off, the Washington Nationals might be able to land this guy.

We do not know if the Nationals can keep playing good baseball like they have been all year, but at this point, Kosuke Fukudome can be brought in to help them become an overall solid team. 

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