When the 2010 season began, very few people thought that the Rockies would be looking forward to the 2011 season by the end of September. However, they find themselves in that position in their final series of the season in St. Louis.

Fan talk has already turned to the 2011 campaign and who the Rockies will get, or keep in the offseason. The current Rockies have given the fans nothing to continue talking about with their current play. On Thursday night in St. Louis, the Rockies looked like they were in spring training mode against Chris Carpenter, who pitched a complete game in the Cardinals 6-1 victory.
The Rockies marched Jason Hammel out to the mound, and he continued his struggles. He made it through only three innings, giving up five runs on eight hits. He had no walks and only one strikeout.
The question for the Rockies is simple. Why would Hammel be on the mound when he made it very clear that he was suffering from a dead arm and he has been struggling throughout the month of September?
Were the Rockies hoping that Hammel could string together a few decent starts down the stretch? Even if they thought he would could patch together a decent start last Saturday against the Giants, why would the Rockies still have him pitch in a completely meaningless game against the Cardinals?
The Rockies easily could have simply gone to Samuel Deduno, a September call up, to get his first Major League start. Very similarly to what the club did by giving Ubaldo Jimenez a start in late September of 2006.
Why not kill two birds with one stone? It would give the Rockies a long look at a guy who has shown promise—Deduno was named the Texas League pitcher of the year in 2009. The other thing it would do is allow Hammel to be shut down and get an early start at some offseason rest.
Regardless, the Rockies are out of the race and the mood seems to be more about playing the regular season out and looking forward to spending time doing something else.
It would be nice, however, if the Rockies would find a way to bring their “A” game to the field on Saturday when Ubaldo Jimenez goes for win No. 20.
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