Apparently the San Francisco Giants are trying to set the record for most outfielders acquired in one season.

In the last three months, they have brought in Pat Burrell and Jose Guillen, and now they have brought in Cody Ross from the Florida Marlins.

The Giants claimed Ross off waivers on Friday, and he was awarded to the Giants yesterday. Ross was batting .263/.315/.404 with 11 HRs in 119 games for the Marlins in 2010.

Where Ross will fit in with the Giants is unclear at this point, but the Giants didn’t get him because they really wanted him. They got him to keep him away from the San Diego Padres, who needed a center fielder thanks to an injury suffered by Tony Gwynn Jr.

In college, we used to a call this a “Blank a-doodle-doo” block. If the Giants did indeed try to blank a-doodle-doo block the Padres, then I dig it. Ross won’t hurt the Giants, and as a matter of fact, he is an upgrade over Guillen in right.

What’s funny about all these offensive acquisitions is that it’s not the Giants’ offense that has been the problem lately. It’s been the starting pitching that’s been the problem for San Francisco. Giants starters have a 4.69 ERA in August.

Perhaps the Giants should spend more time figuring out how to get Tim Lincecum right than worrying about getting more outfielders.

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