Wind the clocks back five years


 The White Sox team that went coast-to-coast in first place were truly a complete team that had it all. In June of that season Bobby Jenks stepped up to become the man that Ozzie Guillen went to in the 9th after injuries hampered Dustin Hermanson. Ozzie did have some other options at the time with Cliff Politte and Damaso Marte as options.

However, Jenks with his 98 MPH fastball proved that he had what it took to get the done. Five months after becoming the closer for the Sox, Jenks was the man on the mound when the White Sox captured the World Championship in Houston.

Now in 2010 the White Sox are trying to simply win their division, and overcome the ever-present Minnesota Twins. For most of the season the team’s strength was a bullpen that any manager would feel confident turning to in the latter innings. But, as of late the team has run into issue in this department, as the most glaring concern is the closer role.

Looking at the team’s poised to make the postseason it becomes apparent that closer is a linking commonality that these teams share.

New York Yankees- Mariano Rivera

Tampa Bay Rays- Rafael Soriano

Minnesota Twins- Matt Capps

Texas Rangers- Neftali Perez

Atlanta Braves- Billy Wagner

Philadelphia Phillies- Brad Lidge

Cincinnati Reds- Francisco Cordero

St. Louis Cardinals- Ryan Franklin

San Diego Padres- Heath Bell

 Chicago White Sox-  ?


By no means does is closer situation the only area that holds the White Sox season in the balance, but it defintely is one of the more important ones as we approach September.










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