Last week we had some new “young guns” showing their stuff, with the veterans showing the chinks in their armor. This week we may have the newest member of the “unhittable” club steal the show, while one former phenom sits in the basement with a rough week. Where does your guy rank?

Grade A

Carlos Marmol (Cubs): The Cubs closer went a perfect 4-for-4 during the week in SVO, and recorded eight strikeouts in just four innings pitched. He has a ridiculous 46 K’s in just 23.2 IP on the season, and that’s still not as impressive as his 1.52 ERA and 1.14 WHIP. STUD!

Jonathan Broxton (Dodgers): Jonathan Broxton has been heating up as of late, which is partly due to his team giving him the opportunities to close games now. He went 3-for-3 in SVO and struck out six during the week. After his slow start he now has 10 saves and a 1.45 ERA.

Chad Qualls (Diamondbacks): Qualls gave up just two hits and didn’t allow a run while closing the door on all three chances. Unfortunately, his great week only lowered his season ERA to 6.32.

Rafael Soriano (Rays): Soriano is one of just two closers with at least 10 SVO to have not blown a save this season. He is a perfect 13-for-13, and added three saves last week. He is doing it quietly, but he has a 1.40 ERA and a 0.88 WHIP—not so quiet numbers for us stat geeks.

Grade B

Andrew Bailey (Athletics): Bailey only received two chances last week, but saved both games while striking out two in two IP. Most weeks he would have received an A, but the top was just too full this week. Bailey has just a 1.02 ERA this season, and in my eyes, is again the A’s best pitcher.

Neftali Feliz (Rangers): Feliz, like Bailey, would likely have received an A most other weeks, but he recorded just two saves although he didn’t allow a run. Feliz is tied with Rafael Soriano for the American League lead in saves with 13.

Octavio Dotel (Pirates): With his 5.59 ERA on the season Dotel will not be receiving much love this year in closer reports everywhere, but last week he didn’t allow a run and only four people reached base in his three IP. Still, I wouldn’t use him unless he was playing the Astros all week.

Manny Corpas (Rockies): Like Dotel, Corpas will not get many chances to be on the positive side of this list so I gave him his due this week. He allowed just four runners to touch first in four IP. He was 2-for-2 in SVO while striking out three.

Grade C

Felix Rodriguez (Mets): K-Rod did go 2-for-2 in SVO, but allowed five hits and an earned run in just 3.1 IP. Still, the Mets closer looks like he did his last year with the Angels, it is time to put him back with the elite closers. K-Rod has a 1.96 ERA and 25 K’s in just over 23 IP on the year.

Brian Fuentes (Angels): Is there a more frustrating closer to watch than Brian Fuentes? Yes, Bobby Jenks, but Fuentes is a very close second. He pitched two innings while allowing a homerun and striking out just one. Fernando Rodney better be on your team if you rely on Fuentes for saves.

David Aardsma (Mariners): Aardsma had just one SVO last week, and did make good on it, but he punched out three in just two IP. It is going to be tough with the way the Mariners are playing for Aardsma to make it back up this list.

Grade D

Jon Rauch (Twins): Rauch gave up two earned and three hits in just two IP. This is uncharted waters for the Twins closer this year, but I would expect this to be much closer to where he truly belongs than where he started the year.

Mariano Rivera (Yankees): Mo, Mo, Mo, two weeks in a row now he has been in the bottom two groups. Since I am not a Yankee’s fan I would like to see him here every week, but being a baseball fan I realize he will not have a 9.00 ERA, and will probably do better than striking out ZERO.

Grade F

Kevin Gregg (Blue Jays): I did not get the opportunity to see Gregg blow a save, walk five batters, or give up four earned last week, but I would imagine for Blue Jays fans everywhere (are there any outside of Toronto?) it was a difficult week. Gregg finished the week with a 15.43 ERA raising his season ERA to 3.54.

Kerry Wood (Indians): Stick a fork in him, Kerry Wood is done. Six earned, seven hits, and two walks during the week, and the former sensation Wood has a 11.37 ERA on the year. For his sake I hope this had more to do with getting back into things rather than the fact he has nothing left in the tank.

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