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Lately the trade rumors surrounding LHP Cliff Lee of the Seattle Mariners have been heating up, and the Mets are right in the middle of it all. 

The Mets certainly have the depth of talent in the minor leagues to acquire Lee without having to part ways with players like Jon Niese and Ike Davis. However I think the big question among most of our minds is: what are you willing to part with?

I’ve heard a lot of names tossed around, stretching from Jenrry Mejia to Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and I’ve found myself saying “Ok with him, want him, keep him, screw him.” So I’m curious to see what other Mets fans think of some of our prospects, who they’d be willing to trade, and what kind of package they envision the Mets will make. 

Here are some of the names that have been mentioned:

  • OF Angel Pagan *
  • P Jenrry Mejia *
  • SP Jeurys Familia
  • SP Brad Holt
  • RP Bobby Parnell
  • SS Reese Havens
  • SS Wilmer Flores *
  • C Josh Thole
  • OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis
  • OF Sean Ratliff
  • CF Fernando Martinez *

Players with a * next to their name are players who have been the center of discussion regarding a trade for Cliff Lee. I did not include Josh Thole because he has quickly gone from being an intricate part of a deal to being thought-of as a nobody. Let’s be reasonable here, Thole doesn’t show the potential as a star, and probably is much worse than Twins C prospect Wilson Ramos. 

Personally, I am siding this way:


  • OF Angel Pagan * — Trade
  • P Jenrry Mejia * — Keep
  • SP Jeurys Familia — Keep
  • SP Brad Holt — Keep
  • RP Bobby Parnell — Trade
  • SS Reese Havens — Trade
  • SS Wilmer Flores * — Keep
  • C Josh Thole — Trade
  • OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis — Trade
  • OF Sean Ratliff — Keep
  • CF Fernando Martinez * — Undecided

Simply put, I would keep the pitching prospects although I’m certain the Mets will be forced to give up either Mejia or Holt — if I had to side with one I would keep Holt. of Flores and Havens I’d like to keep one of them, and I think the younger the better. Flores is a guy I envision being a 2B for the Mets maybe as soon as 2012, and if they decide to transition him elsewhere, RF is a great spot and a position the Mets will need to address down the road anyhow. 

I’m undecided on Martinez because while I think he is a tremendous talent and a future replacement for mid-30s Carlos Beltran, his injury issues worry me. 

What’s your stance on these players?

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