Just under 50 games in to the 2010 season, the first word of potential trade brewings has surfaced for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

According to the Dodgers’ website, the team has inquired about pitchers Roy Oswalt of the Houston Astros and Cliff Lee of the Seattle Mariners. Although both teams responded with a “No, for now” it doesn’t necessarily mean the door can’t be opened later.

But which pitcher would make a better fit in Tinsel Town? Perhaps the pitcher with the ability to eat up innings or simply keep the Dodgers in the game long enough for the offense to solidify a victory. If not that, at the very least keep hitters from sending the ball to left field.

On the slides to follow will be a break down of Roy Oswalt’s attributes and Cliff Lee’s skills, respectively. Along with statistics will be an inside look at each player, and how they might fare in Los Angeles.

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