Cliff Lee was not happy with his reception at the 2013 MLB All-Star Game.

The Philadelphia Phillies pitcher was booed by New York Mets fans (as expected), and he responded with a death stare that would make even Kobe Bryant jealous.

Scary stuff.

Other players might be happy (or at least show some emotion) at hearing their name called before an All-Star Game, but not Lee. He didn’t move a muscle when his name was announced before his fourth Midsummer Classic.

Lee’s look didn’t go unnoticed, and Twitter loved his stare.

Pictures and screen grabs of Lee’s face exploded like a bomb on Twitter, and everyone had to show just how angry he looked.

Maybe Lee really doesn’t like the city of New York. After all, he chose not to sign with the New York Yankees during his free agency in 2010.

Amy Nelson clearly loved Lee’s reaction.

Lee’s face will go down in history as one of the most unique reactions to an introduction at an All-Star Game.

Lee looks like he was just called for jury duty, not introduced for a game for which it is an honor to be selected.

Perhaps the thrill of being named to the All-Star Game has worn off for him. Perhaps he didn’t appreciate his welcome. Perhaps he ate some bad sushi earlier that day and was regretting it.

Any way you look at it, Lee simply didn’t look like Citi Field was where he wanted to be on Tuesday night, and nothing said that better than the evil eye he gave.

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