The Cleveland Indians have a few major decisions to make this spring, and here, they’ll take the form of a to-do list. The Tribe have question marks surrounding third base, how to use Carlos Santana, the fifth spot in the rotation and the long-relief spot in the bullpen.

The decision-making process regarding where to play Santana and who will round out the bullpen are similar in that they will rely significantly on who wins the position battles at third base and in the rotation, respectively.

Though Santana has the chance to win the starting job at third base, a more likely scenario involves the team scraping together at-bats at multiple positions for the 27-year-old.

Similarly, the battle for the final spot in the bullpen will involve some of the players cast off from the competition taking place in the starting rotation.

All in all, the Indians have four major tasks on their to-do list, and we’ll get into that right now.


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