As the Indians’ organization breathes a collective sigh of relief that Shin-Soo Choo’s gold medal victory in the Asian Games will excuse him from his military duty to his native South Korea, we can all stop worrying that we’ll have to watch a parade of no-name prospects in right field next season.

The Cleveland faithful are now free to shift the target of their worry over to that pesky, ever-problematic place on the diamond for the Tribe: Third base.

A revolving door of a position for the Indians dating all the way back to their late 1990s heyday, the hot corner is like teflon for the Indians—nothing sticks.

The team hit an all-time low in 2010, starting off with Jhonny “Quit hitting the ball toward me, you’re interrupting my nap” Peralta and ending with the horrifying “Nimartuena”, a blundering, clumsy, error-making Frankenstein cobbled together with the likes of Jayson Nix, Andy Marte and Luis Valbuena. 

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