The Cleveland Indians picked the wrong hotel for their stay in Minnesota.

The hotel accidentally sent the guest list to the wrong person, according to Mike Oz of Yahoo! Sports, detailing the room of every player on the team.

Naturally, the guest list was spread around the Internet faster than a Ubaldo Jimenez fastball.

What’s most concerning about this story is the long list of players who apparently aren’t staying with the Indians. Guys like Nick Swisher, Justin Masterson, Michael Bourn, Jason Giambi, Carlos Santana and Mark Reynolds don’t appear on the guest list.

The Indians appear to have found replacements for these guys, though.

It looks like Jake Taylor isn’t content to simply play catcher for the Indians in the movie Major League and will try his hand at playing in the MLB for real. Who would have thought Tar Zann would leave the jungle to play ball? And I’m sure nobody is complaining that Carmen Electra and J. Lo are apparently traveling with the team.

Also making the trip with the Indians, according to the list, are Denzel Washington, Mr. Romeo, Dick Tracy, Shania Twain and Jed Clampett.

The hotel couldn’t have accidentally released a better guest list, as the Indians clearly had a bit of fun with the names they used.

These pseudonyms are hilarious, and now we want to know who came up with what?

Was Tar Zann actually Nick Swisher? Was Carmen Electra just Carlos Santana? Was Jake Taylor really Jason Giambi in disguise?

As funny as it is to see these names, I’d be one of many fans who would actually come out to see these people play. Just saying.

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