There appear to be two factors in the Mets’ home success and road failure.

First, they just aren’t scoring runs on the road (47 percent fewer runs).

Second, Mets pitchers are giving up 58 percent fewer home runs at Citi Field than on the road.

As a result of allowing fewer home runs, the Mets are also allowing 30 percent fewer RBI at Citi Field (135 away, 95 home).  

One could argue that other factors, including the number of hits (singles, doubles, and triples) and walks could account for this, but statistics suggest otherwise.

Mets pitchers are giving up an equal number of hits both home and away.  They are actually giving up fewer walks on the road.  This means it comes down to the home run.

I guess when you aren’t at all afraid of giving up a punishing home run, you are more daring with your pitching.

Mets pitchers are getting 32 percent more strikeouts at Citi Field, as well as issuing 29 percent more walks.  But the base-on balls don’t hurt as much at Citi Field, where home runs don’t happen.

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