The Cincinnati Reds lead the National League Central in wins so far this season. With excellent players like Bronson Arroyo and Joey Votto, this trend is sure to continue throughout the rest of the season.

As of now, the NL Central standings show the Reds are leading with 30 wins. They are followed closely by the St. Louis Cardinals who have 29 wins.

As long as the Reds keep playing as well as they have been in this series against the Cardinals, they are sure to continue to pull ahead and lead in number of wins for the league.

Arroyo has contributed to the Reds’ standing with his excellent pitching so far this season. Last week he pitched a complete game against St. Louis. His win pushed the Reds to first place over the Cardinals in the division.

Also, according to, Arroyo is one of the top pitchers in the National League this season. As long as Arroyo continues to play as well as he has, the Reds will continue to succeed.

Votto has also been a major contributor to the success of the Reds. With a batting average of .312, Votto is one of the top players in the league. He is also one of the top leaders in RBIs in the National League this season, with 33.

Even though he has missed the last five games due to an injury, once he returns, he is sure to continue to help lead his team to further victories.

With star players like Arroyo and Votto, and a whole roster of other talented players, the Reds are sure to see a great deal of success this season. The success they have had so far has shown the depth of the Reds roster, and is a likely predictor of how they will do for the rest of the 2010 season.


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