Dusty, does this Cairo guy have an incriminating video of you smoking crack à la Marion Barry?  A Dusty Baker sex tape à la Paris Hilton?

We’re fans.  We will understand and forgive your past indiscretions.

Seriously, why is this guy on the team?  And why do you keep using his weak stick to pinch hit?

Take Monday night for example: men on the corners, and you pinch hit Cairo for Mike Leake in the Reds half of the sixth?

It was completely understandable to relieve Leake on the mound.  He had run out of gas and was probably disgusted at the defensive play of Drew Stubbs and Orlando “The O.C.” Cabrera.

But, back to the ballgame.  Two down, runners on the corners, and Mets’ starter, Oliver Perez, had less fuel in the tank than Leake.

The inning before, Leake worked Perez for nine pitches and drew a walk.  In 11 at-bats so far this season Leake has four hits.

Cairo?  Two hits in 19 at-bats.

Why not leave Leake in to hit and then send Herrera to the mound?  Dusty, have you watched Leake at the plate?  Were you not paying attention to all those foul balls he hit against Perez?

Of course Cairo hit a lazy pop to left, ending the inning and the threat.

Leake is an athlete—he can hit and he can run.

Whereas this Cairo character looks like he should be guzzling brew with Pete Incaviglia in a slow-pitch softball dugout.

Who knows what would have happened had Cairo not been sent to pinch hit. 

But it’s possible, Dusty, that your team would have scored—and you wouldn’t be forced to go with a thin pen again for Tuesday night’s game.

What happens tonight if Bronson Arroyo can’t get out of the fourth?  Okay, you bring in Micah Owings.  Say he is equally as ineffective?  What then?  Paul Janish?

Pitching Coach, Bryan Price, has to know better than these constant mound removals and double switches.  It’s obvious.  You have pulled the exact same fartwitted moves over the last two-plus years.

You have a good pitching coach.  Listen to him!

And, oh yeah, the Reds won last night.


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