Like Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th films , the Cincinnati Reds are a hard bunch to kill. I think that’s what I enjoy most about this season’s version of the Redlegs (among many other items I thoroughly enjoy).

I’m not the only one to point out how much fun it has been to follow these guys either. Today’s (June 11th ) version of Big League Stew on Yahoo! Sports, written by Kris Liakos, gave Cincy a shout out for their tendency to makes things happen late.

Although he did indicate that it is quite possible, due to the Reds’ recent history, that it would be hard to win the Central Division in this fashion. Still, Liakos was on the Cincinnati bandwagon after questioning whether the Reds can keep this up, “But hey, I’m rooting for them and I’m just playing devil’s advocate. To hell with Cardinals fans.”

That’s what I like to hear!

I had to laugh at the fact that Dusty Baker, who has some questionable game strategies, has finally come out publicly and indicated that the entire organization finally has confidence in the Reds playing winning baseball. “I don’t know if you expect it, but I know everybody believes, from the players to the administrative assistants to the grounds crew,” manager Dusty Baker said. “Don’t turn off the TV if we’ve still got bats in our hands,” he said after Thursday’s 7-6 win over San Fransisco.

All it takes is for the players to believe in themselves, and they have the talent to back up that confidence.

Second baseman Brandon Phillips proved last weekend that the team is focused on each game and the task at hand. “I just go out there and play the game of baseball the way I know how. I just play with a lot of excitement. I didn’t see nothing wrong with what I did. If people think I did something wrong, I apologize to whoever thinks so, but it’s baseball,” he said after after running over Washington Catcher Wil Nieves and knocking the ball loose to score a run.

Yes, it is a long season and it is not even halfway through. But I have not had as much fun during a baseball season for the last ten years.

Lets keep the ball rolling Cincinnati. Your fans have your back.

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