Following the disaster in Colorado, most Cincinnati Reds fans finally said farewell to a painful season full of hopes and what-ifs. That was, of course, before another walk-off defeat in St. Louis.

While the attitude inside of the clubhouse is probably still focused on 2014, the fact remains that this depleted Reds team probably won’t be able to compete for the last wild-card spot (they need to jump four teams now), so the focus will shift to 2015.

Next year, the Reds will look similar to this year, hopefully with far less significant injuries. While we can assume certain guys won’t be returning next year, there are a few players who will need to use the rest of the season to solidify their spots on the roster—either with the Reds or with another team.

The following is a short list of four Reds trying to save their jobs for the 2015 season. The order of the list will range from guys most likely to keep their same role with the Reds to guys who will just be trying to make a major league roster next year.

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