It’s almost awards season!

So, who should win X or Y end-of-season-award? It’s one of the most exciting, and debatable topics of the season, and since the minor league season is over, we can replicate that to some extent while looking at the Cincinnati Reds farm system.

Though the season was filled with some mixed results from top prospects, there are plenty of players who deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments.

In this piece, I took the major end-of-season awards—excluding Silver Slugger and Gold Glove Awards—and applied them directly to the Reds farm system. So, going through this slideshow will give you a detailed look at the system’s Rookie of the Year, Delivery Man, Cy Young, Hank Aaron and Most Valuable Player Award winners.

Let’s get to it.


All stats are current through Sept. 16, 2014 and are courtesy of unless otherwise noted.

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